Tuning Back In

Another new year, with new resolutions :) ... We have all been there; imposing such high expectations on ourselves.

We register for new gym classes, new diets, new plans and before you know it we fall back into our old habits. We forget, become distracted, or our hectic lives take over once again.

Well...don’t worry. It is completely normal to go off course. We all do it, but you shouldn’t see it as a “I have failed” try viewing it as an opportunity to realign once more and bring everything into context the right way.

Try seated meditation and see how easily your mind loses focus, and ends up drifting. Before you even realise, you are actually going over your to do list, replaying today's encounter and what your partner told you, or planning tomorrow’s business meeting ...Yes, all this while sitting in meditation...

In meditation, the first step is to practice a witness-like attitude, to just observe, and notice when the drifting happens and to train your mind to bring yourself back again and again to the present moment.

It is the same when we decide to make positive changes in our lives. When we practice “tuning back in”, pausing to go back to ourselves, and to what truly matters to us, we become much more centered, and make better decisions.

Try this short breath meditation to help you feel calm, grounded, and connected and get your mind back on track.