Peace, Positive Renewal, & Inclusiveness 2017

Peace, Positive Renewal, & Inclusiveness 2017

By Leila El Krekshi

For many of us, the New Year is a celebration and a powerful time in our lives. By that i mean in our practice and path to self realization. Often without much effort of our own, we reach a point of culmination. A point where we take a moment to reflect of what has gone, happened and of renewal.

We may become more aware of our habitual patterns, regrets, our losses and the never ending pain from feeling unfulfilled. Another year is gone, including all those things we said we were going to do, and changes we were going to make, and reforms that were promised…

This moment of recognition is one to be used. A key moment needed by all of us to start making a change. A positive change.

Every moment arises pure and perfect from conditions as they are. Our judgment and criticism separate us from being fulfilled.

So i wish you all the best for the new year to come. I wish you more of what you ve always wanted.
I wish you less anger, less greed, and more openness towards others who may be different to you. Less judgement, cynicism and paranoia, and less of the pain, confusion and conflicts they create.

Less fear and hatred. and more of watering seeds of love and compassion within us.
Some say that it takes a moment to transform your life. A moment of non judgmental awareness. But no, i don't believe in that. To transform it takes time, BUT starting with moments of non judgmental awareness and acceptance, are INDEED crucial steps to find harmony and peace.

I write this while reflecting on some of my losses: first, loss of a land, a home dear to me… and loss of friends i lost during the war in Libya, who disappeared, or were detained and tortured in addition many other consequences of such conflicts. Despite the many losses experienced i continue to believe in the light, in us that no one can take away from us. I conclude this with a statement made during a conference at UNESCO i attended on Sufism and the current conflict situation:

“We all carry light and the essence of love in us… It is in the moment of darkness that we should cease the moment to find the light for renewal and reform“.

Peace, positive renewal, and inclusiveness 2017