"I've had a personally stressful year and needed to get some rest and relax. I knew exactly what I needed to do: Travel to Menorca to meet Leila. I've known Leila all of my life. She has the amazing power to bring happiness and laughter in your life. She is able to see exactly what you need even if you say nothing. Her intuition is strong and I think this is the reason that makes her one of the best yoga instructors I've had. I highly recommend Orenda Retreats. The week in Menorca was the best thing I did to myself this year" - Eevi Kaisa - Finland/ 2017

"In my opinion Leila is an excellent yoga and meditation teacher. She has a deep and wide ranging understanding of her art and clearly demonstrates this to her pupils. She has the unique ability to engage the whole class as a group yet has the skill, patience and understanding to cater for the individual needs of her students on a one to one basis. Leila has combined her professional ability with her amiable and receptive personality which has endeared her to all her pupils. I would highly recommend her!"  - Jo 2017

"I´m 48 with many body complaints and totally new to yoga. Since i´ve been attending weekly classes my health, my mobility and mind have greatly improved thanks to Lelia´s attention to individuals needs and abilities. I recommend attending any of her classes. :) thank you ". Freddi2017

"We found La Terre des Bois be just what we had hoped for in terms of privacy, self-sufficiency and location for our exploring...We found this place a great sanctuary from the bustle of a rather busy schedule we had prepared... All in all, a fine experience and a beautiful gite....We wish Stef the best of luck in her future endeavors at Le Terres Des Bois" Nick - July 2016

"Stef with your care and calm I have become a better person. Knowing you were on hand allowed me to become more of the person you knew I was". Linda June 2016 - Life Enhancement

Nous avons passé un très bon séjour chez Stéphanie. La Terre des Bois est particulèrement adaptée aux familles nombreuses ou groupes grâce aux petites maisons mitoyennes et le salon et la halle de la maison principale pour se retrouver et réunir... La literie était très bien et les draps impeccables... Je recommande vivement La Terre Des Bois pour les vacances en famille ou entre amis ! Cedric - August 2016

"From the moment I arrived Leila took such good care of me. I arrived exhausted and stressed and Leila took the time to understand me and then to provide a very personalized retreat aimed at helping me recover and recuperate. I left relaxed and so much happier. The food she makes is delicious especially the smoothies and infusions she makes daily. The sessions had a great mix of meditation, breathing techniques and yoga poses which really helped me recenter and relax. The walk to the beach and yoga on the beach were particularly good. She went at my pace and really understood how I was each day and how to support me. She has also given me great tips and ideas for my every day life, and is very happy to share. She isn't focused on making money, more on giving really good support and care. The farmhouse is a really lovely and relaxing place. It's really beautiful and very rural - being in nature is really great for recovery. The amenities are great - comfy bed, lovely waterfall shower, toiletries and towels provided. The breakfast is great and the pool is perfect. There are so many places to relax, read, chill out around the farmhouse. I'd absolutely recommend Orenda retreats to anyone as Leila will work with where you're at and your goals. I am hoping to go on an organized retreat later in the year with Leila as I found this one so beneficial" Ruth- UK - Customized Wellness Retreat Menorca 2016

"I really felt i was able to disconnect from the daily stresses but connect more with myself for few days, and calm my mind. It was really good way to force myself to slow down and be mindful.
I enjoyed the garden for reading and loved the view of the garden while doing yoga.
What stood out also was the mindfulness meditation and the nasal cleansing" (Alissa - USA/ Germany 2016)

"The overall atmosphere was calming and friendly. I enjoyed the natural setting, the amazing outdoor patio for yoga, and the well balanced program with practice and time off the mat.
I enjoyed the meditations , and how they moved me towards more meaningful practice in this area. The combination of hike and archaeology was amazing a really nice educational addition. The nutritious food made the retreat whole.

I am grateful for spending time with a mother and daughter team who both did so much to make this a personalized, relaxed experience. Anja is most kind and beautiful soul."

(Debi USA/ 2016)

"This is my second time joining Orenda’s retreat. It was another amazing experience. The food was excellent, cooked with love. The place was beautiful and relaxing. Enjoyed the hike and discovering new cultures. I will surely join again, as it is always been a new discovery to me."
Male / Tanzania 2016


"The guided meditations, asana teachings and breathing techniques were excellent. What stood out for me as i m writing the review on Orenda, is the way Leila taught me to breathe and relax. I will surely attend another of your retreats. I do look forward to having you set up a blog and videos to practice yoga". Female guest, Switzerland, 2016


"The food, the location were just amazing. The location is beautiful, so close to nature and allows you to really relax and forget. The food is delicious and cooked with passion and love. I really enjoyed Leila’s yoga sessions, and the Thai massage. I initially came for three days, never done yoga, had years of stressful life due to my business, and i decided to stay for extra days for more private sessions with Leila in Mafia. She takes time to listen and understand what the issues are and tailor the practice to your needs. This has been eye opening experience for me. I will definitely come back, and will recommend to friends and family". Male guest, Tanzania 2016

"I loved every bit of it. Leila and Pole Pole Staff were so welcoming. I enjoyed the mix of yoga and having the flexibility to explore the island and to go on excursions. The marine life is breathtaking. I really liked Leila’s style of teaching, and the combination of asanas, meditation , walking meditation on the beach and the Thai massage was amazing. It was nice mix of holiday and yoga. I was there for 5 days and i wish i could have done a whole week! Ramona, Germany 2016

"Thank you formaking me feel welcome. The food , the location and the service were excellent. I enjoyed Leila s yoga sessions, and the flexibility she gave, her voice is also so relaxing that you end up in such deep sleep during yoga relaxation. The excursions were great and eye opening into the marine life, which makes Mafia so exceptional. You don’t get bored at all. I was even lucky to snorkel with whale sharks! Amazing experience!" Fabienne, Switzerland 2016.

Trip Advisor: “"La Vera e assoluta tranquillità'"”
"5 su 5 stelle Recensito 2 settimane fa. Siamo stati 12 giorni a Marzo 2016.Abbiamo iniziato la nostra avventura con una accoglienza dello Staff( MARINA E MUSSA ) veramente carini e disponibili.Molto bello e accogliente il Bungalows, situato in una spettacolare natura.Ottimo il Cibo e il servizio.Complimenti a tutti.Il Pole Pole fornisce varie escursioni uniche ed emozionanti !!!
Che dire è stato un soggiorno unico e indimenticabile, concludendosi con una cena in spiaggia in un bellissimo cielo stellato !!!!
P.S. E'da provare assolutamente il Massaggio Thailandese..!!!! Complimenti a Leila". Italia 2016

"Leila is a great teacher, warm hearted with lots of patience, and great sense of humor when needed" (Maya Savelkoul, Netherlands)

“ I had tons of massages in my life and i must say i rarely enjoyed it as much as when Leila gave me a PROPER Thai massage some time ago. Alongside with an excellent technique. I guess the care and concentration is what made the difference. She managed to reach and relax my muscles and mind, and i felt truly restored afterwards. Thank you Leila! Keep those hands safe :) “ Ee Crovetto (Netherlands / Thailand)


“ Leila’s fierce and fun personality mixed with her talent and eye for detail makes a great combination for any event. She s equally gifted as a dancer, yoga / dance teacher and organizer we hope to see her projects back soon here in East Africa “ Pilar Munoz, Dance Art Fusion Academy Director, Tanzania, East Africa


“ Leila has given me a massage on different occasions, the first time when i was pregnant and my back muscles were badly strained and my feet were hurting from  the baby weight. Another time was three months after giving birth and again my neck and shoulders were tense. On every occasion, Leila understood what my body needed without much explaining from my side. When she is doing a massage she completely immerses herself in it and has the ability to read the body and the ability to read the body and the problem areas very well. She combines pressure and stretching and customizes the massage according to personal needs. If i was living in the same town as Leila, I would run for a massage session at every opportunity. Her massages have been the best i ve got" . Yasmeen El Aryani (Finland)


"Leila, you are incredible amazing! Super nice to be around energetically and you allow people around you to be themselves and you meet them where they are without trying to resolve their issues, which you do gracefully. Furthermore there is never a dull moment". Sibyl Koebl, Vinyasa Yoga Teacher, UK/ Germany